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Harini Sundararajan

Harini Sundararajan

Harini Sundararajan

Content Head


    Harini is a lover of expressing herself through words. She’s our go-to content writer, and she plays with words to break down ideas and put them across for everyone to understand. She is also a social media strategist when needed and has researched deeply and worked to build the content framework that our team today builds on for each unique client. She is a strong believer in the potential of useful content to make a difference to the followers/customers’ lives.

    When not sitting in front of the laptop, you’ll find her in front of the camera with her passion for acting and modelling. In other times, she’d be on her mat, practicing yoga and working on herself. She enjoys reading books and wishes to have a full collection of Murakami’s works someday.


    Content Writing 100% 100%
    Social Media Strategy 90% 90%
    Yoga & Fitness 85% 85%
    Acting & Modelling 90% 90%