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Nikita Gangwani

Nikita Gangwani

Nikita Gangwani

Social Media Head
3.5 Years


Nikita is an aspiring graphic designer coming from the city of Fafda and Khakhra. She’s the most organised person in the whole team, and making to-do lists is something she thoroughly enjoys doing. She always strives for efficiency at work, and towards that end, she’s constantly planning, re-planning and organising things to help not just herself, but her team members, make the most of their time. She has a love for branding and finding innovative ways to allow a product/service to connect to its customers.

Out of work hours, Nikita loves sipping on freshly brewed beers, or having some good coffee at a cozy café with a book to read. She loves to learn new things all the time, and spends a good part of her weekends learning something or the other.


Social Media Management 100% 100%
Content & Creative Design 80% 80%
Brewed Beers 90% 90%
Rifle Shooting 100% 100%