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Nishant Singha Kaushik

Nishant Singha Kaushik

Nishant Singha Kaushik

Marketing and Sales Specialist
6 Months


From marketing strategy roadmaps and journey analyses, to brand and product launches, Nishant collaborates with all of Digiligo’s marketing services to develop assets that garner clients’ long-term success. He also loves taking on the challenge of efficiently and effectively telling the stories of his clients through a variety of mediums.

The ethos and pathos of Northeast India is close to his heart and he wishes that he comes to be addressed as the Nboi from Digboi. When he isn’t busy building a blockchain community, networking or driving over people in GTA, you can ask him about the hottest cryptos and NFTs in the market. He’s also just a good ear if you ever need to vent!


Content Curation 80% 80%
Community Managment 90% 90%
Crypto Enthusiast 100% 100%
GTA Fanboy 100% 100%