No matter what size your business is, Digiligo’s business consulting solutions will make sure you have the right tools, technologies, platforms and strategies to drive revenues and own a piece of the pie of the market you are in.

Our team takes a systematic and organised approach in developing strategies, solutions and implementation plans. We make sure your team is trained to set goals, achieve results and deliver targets to the management.

From setting up campaigns on social media to developing disruptive tech solutions for the company, we have what it takes to grow your company in the industry it is in. We help companies turn around their non-profitable ventures into something that benefits them. Our speciality lies in understanding what makes a company special and what makes it tick.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should ocassionally look at the results” Winston Churchil


Digital Strategy

Defining, executing and analysing digital strategy for your organization is of prime importance in the current digital-first scenarios. As part of our business consulting project, we will help your organization use data in a much better way to develop smarter strategies, campaigns, products and personalized services.

Our goal is to define a successful Digital Strategy that uses the right tools, technologies, solutions, and platforms to ensure that you achieve business goals and revenues.

What We Do

Identify what is necessary for your business with end to end platform research and solutions advisory. Be it a CRM tool, ERP system or MIS or any advertising tool, Digiligo will analyse use cases to help you choose the right one. Don’t spend a single penny more than what you are supposed to, for achieving digital success in your industry!

Analysing and understanding key/important business, campaign and customer metrics to find loopholes in the current strategy, tool or platform. We use the data to advise on solutions that will help improve performance and bridge the gap between problem statement and company revenues.

Content is very important to sustain your business in the digital space. Without a good Content Strategy and approach your brand might not be able to communicate what it really stands for! Digiligo will help you curate content ideas, designs, calendars and strategies to streamline your brand communication.


Clients' end to end CRM/ERP set up


TB of data analysed

43 +

Tools implemented for clients


Brand Strategy

We believe brand strategy is more than just the communication method you choose to adhere to, in order to reach out to your potential customers.

Brand strategy for us is the sense, feel and touch of your entire brand ranging from internal culture, customer experience and external marketing to visual representation, vision & mission statement, and communication tones set!

What We Do

Digiligo will research and determine where it would be worthwhile for you to focus, and by where we mean the demographics, geographic, markets and behaviours. We will also help you identify the right tone, colours, and communication models for better customer engagement and interaction.

A great product won’t sell unless it has been positioned rightly in the digital market space. Digiligo will help you identify the right target audience, interest categories, affinity audiences and influences across your product/service category/industry.

Technology helps idenitfy loopholes and problems in the current brand strategy. With the help of technology-driven processes for analysing data, we deliver actionable information to clients that helps executives, managers and workers make informed brand decisions.

17 +

Clients consulted till date

15000 +

Hours of design knowledge

23 %

Increase in direct revenues

Business Consulting

Every business faces challenges, changes, and problems. The success comes with identifying these at an early stage and adapting to those changes with digital solutions.

We offer a wide range of business consulting services in order to help you identify challenges and issues and deploy smart/agile solutions for a cost-effective adaptation.

What We Do

Digiligo will guide your company towards its envisioned future, and help build scalable revenues. Our team will help you understand your business and customer insights, while developing a compelling vision, strategy and an overall framework for driving competitive advantage.

Your company’s system architecture helps you deliver the right capabilities at the right time to your clients. Together, we will dive into your business operations across people, processes, technology and metrics to ensure you can create truly sustainable products and results.

A methodology that is proven to improve business performance, empower innovation and accelerate business revenues across multiple domains. Digiligo will help you go agile across your entire organisation for faster development time, boost employee morale, improve productivity and become adaptive to change.

11 +

Clients consulted till date

8 X

Productivity boost

32.1 %

Reduction in process costs

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