Technology Solutions

Technology innovation, product development and strategy is important in every stage of your business lifecycle; only if the company adheres to technological change will it reap the most out of its corporate processes. Digiligo believes that a streamlined relationship between tech transformations and corporate processes will help your organisation achieve its business goals.

With our tech team’s help, you can now transform the way your systems think and do! Our team of technocrats will identify processes, systems, software portfolios and other digital platforms implemented across the organization, understand the current structural issues and chart down powerful solutions that will enable pure tech transformations for future sustenance.

Digiligo is a KPI driven company and believes in a personalised approach and a process-driven innovation across different portfolios. Be it strategical planning, architectural planning, operational assessment, or implementation planning, Digiligo will provide cost-effective yet high-quality solutions for your IT initiatives and business goals.

“”The most important thing about a technology is how it changes people” Jaron Lanier


Mobile Application

Take a mobile-first approach by building superior digital products, platforms and systems that will enable seamless user experience across all your departments. With the entire world going digital through their mobile, companies are trying to drive interactive experiences across different stakeholders based on their needs and necessities.

Our team of development experts will lead the entire mobile app development process from ideation and concept to delivery, and to ongoing support whether it is a consumer-centric app or a transformative enterprise-class solution. Click here to read about how we reduced remarketing costs by 100% for a client by developing a Superior Mobile Application!

What we do


Hybrid Mobile App

Use a unique blend of native and web app technologies to develop cross-platform applications that can work in different environments.

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App

Build real app like experiences for your users on their web browsers. With PWA your business will improve its conversions, bounce rates, page views, and session lengths.

Wearable and Embedded

Wearable and Embedded

Create complementary apps for a wide range of wearable, future technologies, and integrate with smart systems and devices.

Application Modernization

With legacy systems come issues like loss of data, low performance, technical limitation and higher cost of maintenance which can affect your business objectives and technology initiatives. Even though legacy systems can get your job done, scalability and sustainability become a problem for the future organization.

Keeping this in mind, Digiligo helps organizations in modernising their applications, systems and processes across all channels and organizational levels.

What we do

Application Migration

Application Migration

Migrate from current environment to a more robust, scalable, and agile one making your organisational structures cost effective and digital ready!

Mainframe Modernization

Mainframe Modernization

Innovate and improve your organisations existing legacy mainframe footprint in the areas of interface, language, network, cost, performance, sustainability and maintainability.

Ecosystem Modernization

Ecosystem Modernization

Restructuring the entire organisation ecosystem and innovating across all your applications, infrastructures and systems to unlock the *true business potential.


Product Engineering

Engineer or re-engineer your systems, applications and processes to enable lasting success in the global market. It is important to constantly innovate, design, develop, test and deploy software products or applications to enable long term success, system sustainability and becoming cost-effective.

With the help of Digiligo’s strengths in innovation, delivery and knowledge you can build a digital-ready product that tackles various organizational challenges elevates operations and embraces growth. Click here to read about how we reduced operational costs for an automation client by 25% by developing a web & mobile app, customizable dashboards and API calls.

What we do

Product Developement

Product Developemnt

From desktop applications to information systems, conceptualisation and create a product that suits your needs, objectives and IT initiatives.

SaaS Solutions

SaaS Solutions

Innovate and build sustainable customer-driven SaaS products and enable digital transformation across your organizational teams.


System Integration

Connect separate computer systems or software applications into a single larger system, allowing each solution to functionally work together.

Our Process

Analyse and document the requirements of the client in order to plan and execute custom software development solutions as per their expectation.

Design the overall system architecture and technology stack while designing defining and documenting software needs.

Our developers will build the system using the chosen languages, process, methodologies and techniques while sprint testing at every stage of the development life cycle.

Digiligo will help you in deploying the final product without any development or deployment issues. An end to end support would be provided for integration, production and go live.

We believe that every system needs to be maintained well for high efficiency and efficacy. We will ensure your goals are met, and the system continues to perform as per the initial scope.

Why Technology Solutions?

A future ready, digital first organisation requires constant monitoring, planning, innovating and executing of technology initiatives across their organisational structures and operations.

Innovation and excellence in technological development drives improvements in organisation systems, applications, interfaces, people, culture and other stakeholders.

To build an organisation for the people of today and generations to come, you will need to invest time, resources and money into developing sustainable systems, products, applications etc.

Why Digiligo?

Long Term Support

Our team believes in deploying solutions which are error free, while sustaining the client’s needs and wants. At the same time maintaining the systems so they stay up to date.

Agile Development

Digiligo makes sure of on-time delivery of projects using agile methods and sprints across the entire technology development life cycle.

Innovation & Passion

We might not be a 100 year old experienced company, but we guarantee you practical ideas and solutions with young minds executing the entire project. The passion is what drives our team!

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Increase in productivity

40 %

Decrease in operational costs

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