What is Application Modernization?

What is Application Modernization and Its Services?

Application modernization is repurposing, consolidation, or refactoring of legacy programming or software code. It helps to create new or value from existing applications to align them more closely with business needs. In addition, application modernization services update legacy applications to scalable, resilient environments to meet user expectations as they evolve. You can do this using […]

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What is Kubernetes

Kubernetes – Why do you need it now?

What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is an extensible, portable, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services that facilitate automation and declarative configuration. Kubernetes is a platform that helps businesses to realize the potential of containers. K8s, which stands for the number of letters between the letters “K” and “s,” automates complicated operations such as provisioning, […]

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Technological Changes

How to Adapt to Technological Changes?

Technological changes have not only made work faster and efficient but have also provided a bridge between teams during these ‘work from home’ times. While the pandemic threw a plethora of challenges on work-life, adapting to technology was a major wing of it. Organizations soon realized that technology is beyond just adapting! once employees got […]

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Disruptive Innovation

What Is Disruptive Innovation?

Disruptive innovation refers to the process of transforming highly sophisticated products, systems, or solutions that were previously accessible to a high-end or more skilled segment of consumers to those that are more accessible and affordable to a broader population. This change disrupts the market by displacing established competitors. Disruptive innovation does not mean the process […]

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Augmented Reality

Is Augmented Reality The Future

Reality. Is it really just a reflection of the mind? Is it, after all, only what you make of it? Modern technology begs to differ. Look around you. See anything special? No? Now watch Pokemon Go make a game out of your surroundings! This is the magic that is capturing minds across the globe today. […]

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