PBM, aka people-based marketing, is the idea behind targeting a very unique and highly relevant audience or target groups across your digital platforms based on your existing offline and online users. To date, social media marketing platforms remain the most people-driven digital assets for businesses, helping them reach the right audience at the right time, right place, and with the right intent!

Digiligo believes that social media is the key to understanding people’s behaviours and achieving substantial growth in brand value, trust and revenues. With strong branding and social media marketing team, we can deliver some of the most engaging and revenue-generating campaigns for you.

“Dont use social media to impress people; use it to IMPACT people” Dave Willis


Profile Management

End to end management of social media profiles with precise planning of content calendar, post times and creative designs.

There are so many social media platforms, but choosing the right one based on the target audience and location is very crucial. With Digiligo you will now be able to identify the right social media platforms, with the right target groups for each platform, and curate content strategy personalised for those target groups. From designing the content calendar to curating the creatives and getting engagement, our team will be able to help you set the right tone, colours and communication across all social media profiles.

What we do

Content Calendar

Content Calendar

Identify weekly and monthly content buckets, implement brand campaigns and generate a calendar with an in-depth view of all posts, types, hashtags, creative approach etc.

Posting Strategy

Posting Strategy

Analyse engagement times and customer interaction rates across profiles and deploy content strategy accordingly. Help the client make decisions on promoting the posts to a specific target group.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Our team will help you communicate with customers and potential customers, through social media channels when someone comments, messages or drops a negative/positive feedback.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising performs best when they are well alligned and structured with all other brand channels, voice, communication and image. With over 448 million social media users in India, social media ads remain the best solution to reach out accurately to your target audience, and generate the exact outcome you wish to achieve from those campaigns.

Digiligo will curate campaigns based on analysis of past and current client accquisition data, client interest data and client demographics. With the help of these datasets the team is able to create people based ad copies, location categories, interest categories and target groups which are lookalikes and similar to your exisiting clientele.

What we do

Ad management

Ad Management

Ideating, creating, executing and managing of social media ads through platforms like Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads etc. to generate web traffic and conversions.

Ad strategy

Ad Strategy

What ads are we going to run, what should they communicate, when should they be launched, and to whom should they be shown to? These are questions that we will answer!

Ad creatives

Ad Creatives

Ideating, creating and testing ad creatives that clearly communicate the idea planned for that post, with a touch of existing brand tones. Digiligo’s team is able to deliver high CTR ad copies.


Social Analytics

Social engagements are very important for a brand to establish itself in the digital world. Only with in-depth analytics of your social media channels, activities, competitors and campaigns will you be able to optimise the content, strategy and implementation which improves engagement across different social media channels.

We are capable of analyzing the complete social scenario of a client and their competitors. Get in-depth reports of audience interests, engagement statistics, hashtag trends, page and post analytics. Some of the tools we use are Keyhole, Facebook Insights, Pixels and Meltwater.

What we do

Set up

Set Up

We will completely set up social analytics tools for your business based on your services or products or the brand itself. The team will help identify the right tools that fit your budgets.



Our team of experts can either set up auto reporting of different important metrics or manually create reports, analyse them and then give a clear cut execution strategy.



Our team of tech developers can help in developing dashboard plugins & dashboard tools, integrate dashboard tools, and create generic dashboards on existing platforms.


We don’t just do remarketing, we work with an ABM approach. Account Based Marketing identifies existing customers, identifies their shopping patterns, and helps us pitch other services/products which directly grows the customer lifecycle value.

With the help of remarketing, our clients are able to identify bounces, drop offs or hangs across the customer journey and bring them back to complete a dropped off conversion. Implement tools that will retain customers, prospects and general visitors across social media channels, web applications or platforms and any other digital platforms or tools.

Why Digiligo?

Guaranteed results

With our expertise in different social media platforms and multiple domains, we are able to achieve targeted results on a monthly basis.

Personalised Process

We don’t work with a “one size fits all” approach, instead we believe in personalisation for each and every digital platform.


Strategy, ideas, reports and action plan is shared with the client at every stage of the business so the client is clear of our goals.


SMM is the use of a variety of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your business/brand. This includes creating and presenting a carefully maintained idea of the brand through posts, ads, and even in the way you respond to queries.

Regardless of whether you have a small, local business or a national brand, social media marketing has something to offer for each kind of business, and it pays to have it as a part of your marketing strategy. With the onset of the pandemic, businesses have turned to digital to reach out to and stay in touch with customers, and social media marketing is an essential part of that effort.

We offer customised packages based on the scope of work, number of locations, total number of posts, products, campaigns and other social media factors. Get in touch with us to know more.

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