Performance Marketing

Search & Display Marketing helps you to rank on top page results or placements, for your product/service or category keywords and enable digital conversions. Tools like Google Ads, Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads can help the brand reap the most benefits out of search engines and display partners like websites, blogs, YouTube channels and other web platforms.

Build your brand using search engine marketing, promote your products and services across multiple digital search and display platforms.

Digiligo will help you initiate the SEM campaign, identify the right keywords, customer segments, target the right placements, affinity audiences, and display placements while running and optimising the campaign seamlessly.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time” Henry Ford


Search Ads

Make use of the billions of searches per day made on search engines. Pick your product category, keywords and target audience to start driving website traffic, facility calls and digital conversions.

Our team of PPC and Search 360 experts will help your business deep dive into the market, create campaign goals, execute strategies, and optimise for higher ROIs. Click here to read about how we generated 10X revenues for one of our healthcare clients using Google Search Ads!

Digiligo takes a data and people-driven approach for smarter campaigns and sustainable revenues, and with the business culture in mind, we cater our services to small businesses, mid-sized companies and enterprises with personalised tools and strategies.

What we do

Google Ads 2

Google Ads

Plan and execute display campaigns, with the right audience and interest targeting. Research on placements, websites and videos across the internet for better and.

Search 360

Search 360

We help enterprises set up Campaign Manager 360 and Search 360 based on their budget size and audience reach volumes. With automation we will help you power up the ROAS, improve customer targeting and widen audience reach.

Local Ad

Local Ads

This consists of paid platforms that list services and products for people to search from. These platforms will change according to the industry you are in, and can help in both lead generation and bringing qualified back links to your website.

Display Ads

The Google Display Network reaches to over 90% of all Internet users across websites, videos, images, apps and platforms worldwide. With Power Display you can reach out to your customers when they are browsing online, watching videos or using an application.

With the help of our DV360 and display ads experts, we can help you achieve the right target audience, cost effective bidding, larger display inventory and create “user first ad experiences”. Create sustainable growth in brand awareness, ad clicks, website engagement and goal completions with a linear approach towards the market.

What we do

Google Ads 2

Google Ads

Plan and execute display campaigns, with the right audience and interest targeting. Research on placements, websites and videos across the internet for better and smarter display success.

Video Ads

Video Ads

Plan and execute YouTube in-video ads, and get people to take action. If you have good animated or ad film videos made, our team can promote them on videos related to your business and videos where targeted customers are streaming.

DV 360

DV 360

We help enterprises set up DV 360 and connect to their exisiting campaign manager or Search 360 or Analytics 360. DV360 by Google enables automation at different levels of display and video ads enabling faster bidding, on point targeting and smarter creatives/ad copies.


Shopping Ads

Use Google’s Shopping Ads to your advantage and increase product revenues across your web platforms. With the help of Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping Ads your product can compete for image based shopping searches on Google search engine.

From setting up the Merchant Center to executing shopping ads for lower CPAs and increased returns on ad spends, Digiligo will help your brand target the right customer segments and increase digital revenues.

Universal App Ads

75% of online traffic comes from mobile phones, and with a fast paced move towards mobile apps for a lot of different uses, brands should use app targeting strategy to get relevant traffic and conversions on their digital platforms.

Digiligo will help you research the mobile applications, ad placements, audience demographics, interests categories, app categories and brand competitors for driving highly targeted growth for your products and services.

Why Digiligo?

Guaranteed results

With our expertise in different search & display platforms and multiple domains, we are able to achieve targeted results on a monthly basis.

Personalised Process

We don’t work with a “one size fits all” approach, instead we believe in personalisation for each and every digital platform.


Strategy, ideas, reports and action plan is shared with the client at every stage of the business so the client is clear of our goals.


Search and Display Marketing help you generate website traffic, lead generation and product purchases through search engines and display networks across the internet.

If you want to reach out to a wider audience and generate revenues in a short period of time, then search and display will definitely help you and your brand achieve that.

We offer packages starting from INR 60,000 and is customised based on the scope of work, number of locations, total number of products and other PPC factors.

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