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The Company

One of the biggest healthcare consultants with offices in the USA, Australia and the UK, who have worked with large and mid-sized healthcare service providers and hospitals across the globe. The company focuses on building applications and technologies to retain customers and convert them into long-term accounts.

The Challenge

The client was not able to keep track of their alumnus and their health conditions. This was creating a bridge between their hospital clients and its potential revisits or readmits. Cost per readmit or revisit was extremely high due to the unavailability of remarketing ads for the healthcare industry across all digital platforms.


  • A social media themed mobile application was developed.
  • Integrated chat modules for patients to discuss with sponsors, and doctors.
  • Integrated video calls for aftercare service providers.
  • Implemented geo-notifications to interact with customers when they are in center location.
  • End to end systems integrations with clients HIS (health information system), CRM, and ERP.
  • Patient v Patient chat for moral support and relationship building during the admit stay.
  • SOS and emergency procedures with hospitals under the profile section.


15 K

patients revisited the centers across the country and took a consultation.


centers implemented the mobile application, and user base to grow to 100K.

100 %

reduction in remarketing and return customer acquisition costs to the clients.

60 %

of total hospital or center visits converted into mobile application users.

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