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Gym Supplements

The Company

A fitness and supplement company selling protein powders, mass gainers, fat burners, pre-workout nitros, exercise accessories and fitness routines to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The company was completely new to the industry.

The Challenge

New website and social media handles with no activities, engagement and reach. No product sales. Paid marketing was not effective enough to get conversions or leads on their e- commerce website. A clear cut branding and digital strategy were not developed before the launch of their products across digital platforms.


  • A clear cut, content calendar with posting strategy, post-filtering, colour usage, hashtag analysis and post timings.
  • End to end search engine optimisation for the website and webpages for the pan India.
  • Developed a brand approach using the current industry customer behaviors and competitors.
  • Performance marketing across their PPC tools like FB ads and Google search and display ads.
  • Fitness and product-related designs, visuals, creatives and content was generated by our team.
  • Restrategized on delivery networks, placements, target audiences and interest categories that fit right in!.


7 %

engagement rates across all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

12 X

ROAS across all campaigns on social, search and display platforms.

15 %

conversion rates across all social & search campaigns. 8% achieved on display ads.

2 K

grew PTAT (people talking about this) from 25 to over 2000 within 4 months after winning the project.

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