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Ashwin Gopinath

Ashwin Gopinath

Ashwin Gopinath

12.5 Years


He’s the orchestrator of the whole show at Digiligo. He could do it all if he had to but is more often keen on enabling everybody to give their best. Through gentle nudges and stern words when needed, he pushes the team in the right direction, being a true leader more than a boss.

When he’s not devoting himself to Digiligo, his baby, you’ll find him keenly researching on the latest cryptocurrency market trends and news, practicing yoga & calisthenics, meditating to maintain peace of mind & playing with his two dogs he loves to bits.


Business Strategy 100% 100%
Market Research 100% 100%
Whisky Tasting 100% 100%
Yoga & Meditation 90% 90%