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9 Plugins you absolutely need

9 Plugins you absolutely need

It is a known fact that using the correct plugins can simplify your work, beautify your blog and increase your revenues thereby taking your blogging efforts to the next level. But, with so many plugins available, people are always confused about which plugins to use. In this article, I will reveal to you the 9 plugins that you cannot do without.

1. WordPress SEO Plugin – The best plugin for optimizing your WordPress blog to do well in the search engines – and it’s free.

2. Yoast Video SEO Plugin – If you’re doing (or plan to be doing) a lot of video for your blog, this is a premium plugin you’ll want to have.

3. OnePress Social Locker Plugin – It allows you to lock content that can only be viewed in exchange for a social share via social networks that you designate – giving you more social shares and exposure.

4. MyReviewPlugin – If you’re looking to create a site with review functionality, this is the best plugin there is.

5. Ad Injection Plugin – This free plugin can take a little getting used to, but it’s fantastic for inserting ads with varying factors on your blog.

6. Eclipse Link Cloaker – When it comes to cloaking Affiliate links, this one is an absolute gem.

7. Gravity Forms – The plugin preferred by successful bloggers for contact forms. It has tons of customization options.

8. Display Widgets – A free plugin that can be used to serve targeted advertisements on your blogs.

9. Broken Link Checker – Another free plugin that allows you to check for broken links on your blog.

These are top rated plugins that are available out there for pretty much free of cost. Premium subscriptions are always worth it but do cost a lot of money and is not advisable unless a strong marketing budget persists.

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