Broad-Line IOT

In a world where Technological advancements are accelerating the pace of change in our lives, all human systems are open to potential disruption. The ripple effects created by these advancements are creating new opportunities for sustainability and future smart technologies. The Internet of Things is just one layer in the techno-sandwich (if you will!) – From behavioural models, day to day activities, communication, networking to our definition of what it means to be a human. One can see these patterns take shape and create tangible effects If one considers how the rise of Internet, social media and other online technologies have impacted on education, business, science, government, daily lives and humanity. Yes! The internet has been one of the most consequential and dynamic creations ever in the history of humanity.

How did it all start? Well we have to go back to 2003 where almost 1000 participants from across multiple industries majorly retail and technology came forward to launch the Electronic Product Code (EPC) which was set to replace barcodes for much better storage of information. They started calling it the “Internet of Things” because EPC data could be stored over the network and could be used by computers anywhere in the world to identify and track every product that uses the EPC instantly.

Let’s look at an example of how it’s being used in the present day. One of the best examples that lie out there is the NEST-Thermostat, which is a Wi-Fi connected thermostat that allows you to remotely adjust the temperature via your mobile devices and also learns your behavioural patterns to create a temperature-setting schedule. This smart technology is being sold at a mere Rs 20,000 in the International market. (

The broad idea behind IOT is that a whole lot of insentient objects are being designed with wireless connectivity and sensors that allow it to be monitored, controlled and linked over the internet. When we talk about sensors, these are smart sensors that gather data, store them over the internet and feed it to these insentient objects for actions to be taken.


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