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A Comprehensive Guide on Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO

With a fast-expanding and highly competitive digital market, enterprise SEO strategies are more crucial than ever. However, no two businesses are the same; what works for one company won’t always work for another. Hence, you must personalize your enterprise SEO strategy to your organization’s specific business goals and challenges.

With frequent changes to algorithms and the advent of numerous machine-learning solutions, enterprise SEO has changed a lot over the past few years. The majority of commercial websites that have ignored SEO changes in recent years are likewise finding it difficult to thrive. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to create and imply modern SEO strategies at every stage of your business lifespan.

Given that more than 50% of all website traffic comes from organic search and that 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine, it is not surprising that a well-planned strategy helps you attract a massive amount of traffic to your website, produce high-quality content, and enhance brand reputation.

So, What is Enterprise SEO?

SEO for enterprise is the fundamental and strategic execution of organic programs across organizations at the enterprise level. To meet the needs of customers and gain a competitive advantage, scalable programs are designed and executed using enterprise-grade solutions.

For SEO, this could mean leveraging comprehensive data sets for research across multiple business units, building processes for streamlined workflows across teams, or reporting out actionable insights across pages or keywords.

For example, if you run or own a large business, you must market your company and products in numerous locations. This necessitates the creation of content that appeals to diverse audiences with varying product needs.

Additionally, you must monitor your search performance in each of these locations. This work is nearly impossible for a single person to perform effectively. And this is why you require an enterprise SEO strategy or an enterprise SEO agency to complete the work for your business.

How Does SEO for enterprise Differ From Other Forms of SEO Strategy?

While SEO benefits all organizations, enterprise SEO applies the practice to large organizations with many moving parts. Although the principles and tactics may be similar to those of a smaller company, in the case of enterprise SEO, these tactics must be applied to thousands or even millions of pages, potentially across multiple websites. Furthermore, enterprise SEO requires collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders to be successful.

Enterprise SEO requires a higher level of orchestration, as well as more advanced skills and project management. The extent to which these are applied in a business setting can yield significant benefits to the organization. Some of the world’s largest brands, such as Meta, have been able to double their monthly search traffic by implementing enterprise SEO principles throughout their organization.

What are the Types of SEO for enterprise? 

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is all about improving a website’s technical aspects to boost the ranking of its pages in search engines. The pillars of technical optimization are making a website faster, easier to crawl, and more understandable to search engines.

It focuses on improving elements on your website to achieve higher rankings. It is the inverse of off-page SEO, which is concerned with increasing a website’s exposure through other channels.

On-page SEO:

On-page SEO (also known as “on-site SEO”) is the practice of optimizing the content of web pages for search engines and users. On-page SEO practices commonly used include optimizing title tags, content, internal links, and URLs. 

This sometimes overlaps with traditional SEO because both are important in ensuring that content loads quickly on mobile-friendly websites. Along with optimizing on-page content so that it can be crawled and indexed quickly and easily.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO refers to SEO tactics used to improve a website’s rankings that are implemented outside of the website. Link building, guest posting, social media marketing, and other strategies are frequently used.

It aims to make your site appear more trustworthy and authoritative to search engines (and users). It focuses on topics such as domain authority, backlinks, influencer marketing, pay-per-click, and social media brand mentions.

Here’re 5 successful Enterprise SEO strategies:

Other than these 5, there are many enterprise SEO tips that we will be covering in a later blog.

Enhance your Page Speed:

Maintaining page speed is one of the technical SEO elements that become more difficult with larger sites. To begin, you should test your website speed with a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights to see how quickly it loads for users. Then, to improve individual page speed, compress images, reduce redirects, and cache your web pages.

Improve and Update Your Content:

Following the identification of effective keywords, the next step is to incorporate these keywords into existing content or to create new relevant content using target keywords. It allows you to improve your content and meet end-user intent more effectively. Low-quality and irrelevant content is difficult to rank on search engines; therefore, pay close attention to what you have to offer your target audience.

Keyword selection strategy:

As previously stated, keyword selection becomes more difficult the more you write about a subject. It’s natural to feel as if you’ve said everything there is to say. That is why you require a dedicated enterprise SEO team to conduct regular keyword research and content gap analysis to discover new topics to write about.

SEO Automation:

SEO for enterprise is effective for websites with thousands of pages. Suppose you have a spreadsheet with 10,000 products. Would it be possible for you to create unique content for each of these products? Even if it were possible, the procedure would be extremely laborious and time-consuming. In such a circumstance, you should prioritize automation.

Automation in marketing increases sales productivity by 14%. Automation has resulted in an average 12.2% decrease in marketing expenses for companies. Automation saves a substantial amount of time spent on essential SEO tasks.

Link building:

It is one of the most important aspects of SEO. This becomes more complicated at an enterprise level. Google sends a page more organic traffic the more backlinks it has. You can use outreach strategies to identify unlinked mentions and then request that they be converted into backlinks.

Additionally, you can always conduct cold outreach if you discover articles where your website fits naturally. As a larger organization, you will have the advantages of brand authority and recognition.

What are the 5 Key Benefits of Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO Strategies, if executed properly, can generate the most organic traffic, help your website rank at the top of the SERPs for a variety of keywords, and enhance your brand’s reputation.

Here are the 5 advantages of enterprise SEO:

Expand your customer base:

It makes no difference how excellent your product, service, or content is if nobody sees it. If you do not appear in Google search results, no one will be able to locate you. The primary advantage of implementing an enterprise SEO strategy is enhanced customer visibility and reach. 

You should ideally reach your audience regardless of where they are in the funnel. A solution that focuses on the enterprise will guarantee that you have appropriate content for each stage.

Interest and assessment:

Once someone is aware of you, you want to capture their interest and prompt them to consider you as a viable option. You still need informational content, but you can begin to sprinkle in transactional content as well. Consider creating guides about the product you wish to sell, supplying detailed case studies, and publishing reviews and testimonials.

Acquire Backlinks from Websites with High Authority:

Many websites will link to your website whenever reputable newspapers or media outlets publish content about your business or cover one of your major events, thereby enhancing the value of your backlink profile. 

In addition, when you publish tutorials or guides on a detailed topic, bloggers who write about the same subject are more likely to link to your post than to elaborate on the concept themselves.

Maintain (or enhance) brand image:

Not every advantage of an enterprise SEO strategy relates to growth. Sometimes it’s about preserving what you already have. It is especially useful for reputation management. If you already have a good reputation, you want to avoid any negative publicity.

Optimizing paid marketing:

People frequently view paid advertising as distinct from SEO; some may even refer to it as a substitute. The reality, however, is somewhat different. They work extremely well together, with a strong SEO strategy aiding in the optimization of paid advertisements.

Here are some Enterprise SEO Examples:


Its website contains an estimated 81 million pages. And the most impressive aspect is that it ranks first on Google for over 80 thousand keywords. This allows the company to manage its site in bulk and concentrate on maintaining old pages, while still earning links to strengthen its organic rankings for tens of thousands of keywords.


Its website contains more than 8 million pages. It is not surprising that the company ranks on the first page for over one million keywords, as it offers a wide variety of products. In addition, it is ranked number one for over 450 000 keywords.


The greater the stakes, the greater SEO’s impact on a website. When executed effectively, enterprise SEO can help brands extend their industry dominance. Brands that fail to properly implement enterprise SEO risk having their reputation and bottom line harmed.

In terms of adaptability, non-enterprise websites have the advantage over enterprise websites. Enterprise websites have brand authority, but they require consistent and effective enterprise SEO to maintain their dominance.

You might be tempted to implement a strategy internally as opposed to hiring a third party. However, hiring an enterprise SEO agency such as Digiligo can be significantly more effective than attempting to handle everything on your own.

As part of our Enterprise SEO strategy, we target keywords that are appropriate for your company, product, or service, as well as those that correspond to the intent of your customers. 

Our SEO specialists will distribute unique content to blogs, directories, submission websites, and social bookmarking sites to increase authority and, consequently, rankings.


How do I determine if I require Enterprise SEO?

90% of enterprise organizations surveyed deem SEO essential for this year. If improving your organic search presence is one of your primary marketing strategies and you have thousands of pages supported by a robust content strategy, you should likely consider enterprise SEO strategies to help scale your efforts.

Why should I invest in an enterprise-level search engine optimization solution?

By creating workflows across multiple disciplines, enterprise SEO enables you to increase your output at scale, thereby generating greater returns on your work. According to research conducted by BrightEdge, enterprise websites can see a traffic increase of up to 120% in a single year with the right platform to power their operations.

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How long does it take to observe the impact of SEO for enterprise?

Depending on how quickly strategies are implemented and how frequently a website is crawled, organic results can sometimes take months, but you can estimate their arrival by analyzing these factors.

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