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Welcome to Screen Culture

Welcome to Screen Culture

It is in your hands. It is in the hands of the person next to you. In your house, school and college. In your workplace. It is all around us. It is everywhere. It is social.

Enough has been talked about how social media has taken over nearly every aspect of our lives. We have all been through the phase of arguing about humans getting lost in technology, their faces forever drawn towards their phones and laptops, and about how it is only causing us to disconnect from real life. As alarming as that is, we have also, at the same time, come to a certain level of agreement with the fact and have allowed it to become the norm. The children of the youngest generation today are being brought up in the “screen culture” as I’d like to call it now. That’s what they are introduced to in very early stages of their lives, surrounded by family members who are on a race to capture memories and make them last using all kinds of technology possible.

The time of voicing disapproval about this trend has come and gone. I think, as a world, we are all marching towards a completely digital future. Hence, we have all, without really having another option, come to a consensus on what is the new norm – social.

That being said, social monitoring has become one of the most efficient ways of tracking people, their habits and their day-to-day life, enabling brands to constantly improve their products and services.

helping businesses grow tremendously, in terms of attracting customers and creating interest. Now, it is easier than ever to access the people behind a brand and express your satisfaction or displeasure to the ones who will actually hear it.
Take an instance where you RSVP an event on Facebook. Now, depending on your settings, a certain number of people are aware of what you are going to be doing, and where, on a particular day. If it was, perhaps, a music festival, you might soon see an ad from a clothing store selling festival wear. Or if it was a usual weekend party, you’ll probably come across ads for other similar venues nearby. All of this comes from continuous social media monitoring that keeps happening. Businesses are able to track so many aspects of a customer’s social media usage and show ads or posts targeted accordingly

The folks over here, at Digiligo, are all for this, as we believe that this is the future, and this is how brands are going to evolve, as a norm, in the coming years. Being the average consumer, on the other hand, might have you looking at this from a different angle. And we want to hear it. So go on, give us your two cents on this topic in the comments section

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