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Facebook Ads for E-commerce Business

Facebook Ads for E-commerce Business

Running Facebook ads for your eCommerce business is time-consuming. That’s why many clients reach out to some New-Generation Facebook ad agencies like Digiligo to cover all the aspects of the Facebook campaign.  

Most eCommerce stores overlook the importance of considering how and why they want to run Facebook ads in the first place. 

A strong, sales-generating Facebook advertising strategy should mirror a Facebook user’s mindset, with each ad campaign tailored to specific audiences and objectives. Furthermore, it should include a variety of campaign types so that you can track and reach potential shoppers and customers at various touchpoints throughout their journey. 

How to Prepare for Ecommerce Facebook Ads? 

Facebook ads are essential for any eCommerce business, and this guide will assist you in getting started with profitable campaigns. 

5 Steps to Launch an Effective Ecommerce Facebook Ads: 

Step 1: Creating Your Product Catalog  

The first step in our Facebook ad strategies will be to go over the process of creating your product catalogue. Creating and uploading your product catalogue is an important step in creating eCommerce Facebook ads. 

Step 2: Setting Up Your Product Feed 

We’ll add your products to the catalogue as the next step in our eCommerce Facebook ads journey. The product feed is a list of the products you want to add. A feed is essentially a collection of items that have been manually uploaded or pulled from a source. 

Step 3: Plan Your Targeting Strategy 

Planning your campaign is determined by the goal you want to achieve with your eCommerce Facebook ads. When it comes to deciding who to target, what campaigns to run, and what products to showcase, the possibilities are limitless. 

Step 4: Plan Your Ecommerce Facebook Ads 

We’re now in the final stage of this process, which is creating dynamic ads for your eCommerce Facebook ads. The user will see the dynamic ad. When specific keywords are triggered, your product information will automatically populate in the ad. Everything we’ve done up to this point has been done to ensure that these dynamic ads run smoothly. 

Step 5: Monitor and Modify Your Ecommerce Facebook Ads 

Once everything is in place, you’ll be able to launch your campaign and track the performance of your eCommerce Facebook ads. Remember to include your URL parameters. Site tracking necessitates the use of parameters. One of the most important aspects of this procedure is monitoring your results. It’s the last step.  

Facebook Ad Formats for Ecommerce 

Facebook Dynamic Ads:  

You’re passing up a golden retargeting campaign opportunity if you haven’t included Facebook dynamic ads in your Facebook advertising strategy. Dynamic ads are specifically targeted at potential customers based on their previous behaviour in your eCommerce store. They have the potential to be extremely successful. 

Facebook Video Ads: 

Without a doubt, Facebook video ads can be extremely effective. Hubspot tested Facebook video vs. image campaigns last year and discovered that their video received 20% more clicks than the image. 

Facebook Collection Ads: 

There’s no denying that collection ads can produce results, especially when used to remarket to previous traffic and/or shoppers. Connect with the Digiligo team, the finest Facebook ad agency in India, to ensure your collection ads are boosting eCommerce sales like others. 

How to Run Ecommerce Facebook Ads that Convert? 

Focus on Ad Creative & Copy: 

The rules of the game are constantly changing, but some remain constant. A visually appealing ad with well-written copy will almost always convert. Indeed, with new privacy regulations appearing all the time, you must take the time to polish your ads as much as possible. 

 Use Custom Audiences: 

In addition to fantastic targeting options, Facebook allows you to create custom audiences. These are essential for effective remarketing campaigns. They are, however, critical for Facebook’s understanding of who to target. 

Use Lookalike Audience: 

Lookalike Audiences are lists of people to target with advertising who are similar to the people who are already engaged with your company. As a result, these are the most similar to current engagers, customers, and others. 

Use Promotions and Discounts: 

When “cold” audiences warm up, you may need to push them to buy or subscribe to your product. Fortunately, promotions and discounts are a tried-and-true strategy for catching the eye and stopping the scroll.  

How does Digiligo Help you to Increase your E-commerce Business Revenue? 

Digiligo is the best Facebook advertising agency which achieves targeted results. We work with both centralised organisations and franchises with multiple locations. Our team assists you in optimising campaigns based on location, time, persona, messaging, and creativity. We keep you informed of the impact on your business at each stage, so you can see results from day one. 

This is a Facebook ad agency that has the proven experience to propel you toward your objectives. We know how to optimise based on the most recent changes to Facebook’s marketing algorithms, so you can always stay ahead of the competition. One of our primary objectives is for you to have a data-driven Facebook marketing campaign. We’ll start with a few ads, track their performance, and then analyse the data. With this data-driven approach, we can make changes to your campaign and improve its performance.  

Our Facebook marketing agency removes all of the guesswork and hard work from your Facebook ad campaigns. Once we know what results you require, we create the audience, CTAs, creativity, targeting, conversion forms, and everything else. Then we keep a close eye on them to ensure they deliver. 

Building a successful partnership takes time and effort. The Digiligo Facebook ad agency team invests that time in the success of your company. We can come to your office or meet with you via video call to create a winning Facebook advertising campaign tailored to your specific market strategy. 

We can’t wait to see how these results will benefit your company! Connect with our team and let’s get started with the best Facebook ad agency in India. 

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